Changing communities,              
changing lives.

We believe that every child in the world deserves access to early childhood education.

We believe that the best ways to achieve this goal is to encourage initiatives by those living and working closest to where education is needed the most; to foster a global collaboration among the nonprofit, government and private sectors; and to ensure participation by men and women from diverse communities and all levels of society.

Featured Article

An orphan is a lonely quite child, it is not his or her wish but they have found themselves in this position. Taking care of an orphan is a "CALL" it is not easy because they are never satisfied, in a case of discipline or a slip of the tongue they always think of their parents. You may feed them to the full and see them smile but to your surprise you will find one in a dark corner holding her chin in deep thoughts... Read the full article

Recent Projects

Vocabulary Bingo at
the DIF School

The students at the DIF school where KKIS volunteers are now working spent a day... Read more.

Rainy Day class at DIF School –
KKIS Project

Rain has been falling heavily for days now in Playa del Carmen but the KKIS volunteers are... Read more.

Learning Parts of the Face
at DIF School

This week the volunteers reviewed the parts of the face vocabulary which the kids had... Read more.

Learning Body Parts with Puzzle and Little Reader: a Hit
at DIF School!

We received several bags of school supplies last month. Among the... Read more.

Students independently
learning English with
KKIS computers

Today was the first day that KKIS volunteers did not work with the children at the DIF... Read more.

Teaching English at
the DIF School – KKIS Project

KKIS volunteers began teaching English this week at a new school, one that is part of DIF, the Mexico... Read more.

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