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About Us

The Early Education for Every Child Foundation – EEECF (formerly known as The BrillKids Foundation) believes that parents and caregivers can make a tremendous impact through helping children fulfill their innate potential, while ensuring that the learning process remains fun, engaging, and respectful to children and adults alike.

We believe that every child in the world deserves access to early childhood education.

Our Vision

The EEECF aims to encourage initiatives through volunteers living and working closest to where education is needed the most. The Foundation's projects work towards fostering a global collaboration among the nonprofit, government and private sectors, ensuring participation by men and women from diverse communities and all levels of society.

We believe that working together towards lifting the literacy of our children can help build common understanding, enhance excellence and enable people to improve their lives.

Our support and scholarship aims to provide parents and caregivers access to the appropriate tools and technology to develop the very young child's mind, starting with (but not limited to) the BrillKids early education products.

Our goal is to reach out to all children, most especially to children in need. In doing so, we wish to instill all children with a life-long enthusiasm for reading and learning and to foster that child's search for meaning. Our goal is a world where loving parents and caregivers reach out in the earliest years of a child's life to set each child on a self-motivated quest to make meaning in life – a personal journey to reach his or her highest potential, attain self-fulfillment, and glean insight, understanding, and happiness.

From our partners

"I am very appreciative of the grant made available by the BrillKids Foundation for these particular social institutions. I believe the BrillKids can help make long term changes for the better in the lives of individuals and communities here in Indonesia, especially the underprivileged."

Mrs. G.L. Elgersma,
Family Care, Indonesia

"We woud like to express our appreciation and how grateful The Care for Kids Orphanage in Zambia is for our gift of Little Reader and Little math which is a great help for us. Our outreach projects increases continuously, and these programs help us very much in growing this venture."

Ronnie Jander, Director,
Care for Kids Orphanage,

"This magical kit has brought a revolution in the teaching and learning methods in the Pre School , Kindergarten and Primary Section of our institution. More than the playground the Audio visual room is the favourite place of our children."

Thasleem Begum, Principal, Hyder Garden Matriculation School, India

"We are very thankful to KL and the BrillKids staff for donating the programs to our work – it's a very generous act of kindness that will go a long way here in Ukraine."

Larisa Enikeeva,
Firefly Project Manager,

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