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Scholarships Programs for Individual Families

We are eager to ensure that children of parents or caregivers with limited means or families of children with special needs are able to benefit from the systems.

If you are such a parent or caregiver, scholarships to provide BrillKids products such as Little Reader for free or at a substantial discount will be granted to you to the extent that you can demonstrate you indeed have limited means.

There are no fixed requirements to qualify for this, as the documentation that can be produced will vary greatly from case to case.  


Helpful documents to support your application

  • A scan of the birth certificate of the children in your care

  • Medical letter with a diagnosis of the child’s condition (if the child in your care has special needs)

  • Any documents to serve as proof of income and financial status

  • A recommendation letter from a public service agency – pastor of the church, church office, social worker (where applicable) to verify the documents, gauge income status and write a short recommendation on their official letterhead


Although there are no fixed requirements, the more you can demonstrate your financial circumstances, the more likely a scholarship will be granted.

If you do not qualify for this scholarship, please note that substantial discounts may still be obtained on BrillKids products under the BrillKids Loyalty Points Program.

Scholarship Grant Application

Our online form is under maintenance at the moment. For Scholarship Grant Applications, please fill in this google form and we'll get back to you shortly.

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