Changing communities,              
changing lives.

Join the EEECF
as a Volunteer!


What to do as a Volunteer:

Reach out
by making a phone call or sending an email, and ideally arranging a meeting.

Meet face to face
to explain the EEECF grant process and give a live demonstration of BrillKids programs.

Encourage people
to fill out a grant application, even helping them complete and submit it, if necessary.

the status of pending beneficiaries' applications.

Assist recipients
with software installation to the best of your ability; refer them to tech support when needed.

Teach beneficiaries
to become comfortable using the programs with hands-on instruction and tutorials.

Collect reports
in the form of photos, videos, or letters to be posted on the EEECF website.

Follow up
and touch base with the program from time to time to encourage them and answer any questions.

The EEECF is seeking independent volunteers to help spread the word about early learning.

The Early Education for Every Child Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to sharing early literacy opportunities with underprivileged children. We provide in-kind software grants to schools, day cares, social service organizations, and orphanages in need around the world. Our Foundation also offers individual software scholarship to families that fall within certain income guidelines or have children with special needs. We don't want a single child with a legitimate need for our programs to go without!


Why we need your help

We need your help identifying people and organizations in your local community who can benefit from using BrillKids programs. If every parent who has ever used Little Reader, Little Musician or Little Math helped us reach just one child or group in need, imagine all of the lives that could be changed through early literacy!

What you have to do

We'd love for you to contribute as much as you are able! For some people, that may simply be raising awareness by referring people and organizations to the EEECF website. But ideally, we are seeking committed individuals to serve as local guides who walk recipients through the application process from start to finish. Determine what groups or individuals in your community can benefit from using Little Reader. (See responsibilities on the left.)

Who you should try to reach

Institutions and individual families can qualify for grants or scholarship based on several factors, so take the following into consideration when identifying potential recipients.

Institutional Use – We primarily aim to help institutions serving low-income children and those with Special Needs. Preschools, elementary schools, daycares, orphanages, libraries, community centers, and similar facilities in need are eligible to receive grants specifically for institutional use.

Documented Financial Hardship – Families with documented financial hardship can apply for individual scholarship. Applicants must provide a statement of why they feel BrillKids programs will be beneficial to their family and provide an overview of their current financial situation. Acceptable documents to verify low income status may include paystubs, unemployment benefits, food, healthcare, or housing assistance paperwork, and other similar documentation.

Documented Special Needs – Families of children with special needs can apply for individual scholarship. Applicants must provide a statement of why they feel BrillKids programs will be beneficial to their child along with documentation verifying their child's condition. Acceptable documents may include a letter from their doctor or similar medical paperwork showing a diagnosis. Special Needs scholarships may fully or partially fund the purchase of BrillKids software, as each family's financial situation is taken into consideration, as well.

* Retroactive scholarships are not available at this time.