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Recommendation for Orphanages

By Emily Odera
Ket Wangi Orphange and Learning Center, Kenya

An orphan is a lonely quite child, it is not his or her wish but they have found themselves in this position. Taking care of an orphan is a "CALL" it is not easy because they are never satisfied, in a case of discipline or a slip of the tongue they always think of their parents. You may feed them to the full and see them smile but to your surprise you will find one in a dark corner holding her chin in deep thoughts, these are the thoughts that they cannot explain as they are. I was trying to find a way to make them happy and may be enjoy like the other normal children; still I failed until Natalie of Brillkids found me.

Brillkids is Learning with Fun and it extends it's fun after school. You will find the children singing while eating, jumping in the sleeping room rhyming and telling stories they read from the E-Books. The condition of the children have improved that even the Social workers are amazed with this Revelation of Brillkids little Reader. The traumatized children seem to have forgotten the Trauma because of the fun they have found in this Software. Ket Wangi Learning Centre is performing so well within the Zone and this year they beat all schools within the Zone and are now competing best Private schools in Town; this is out of Brillkids Little Reader. The children have improved so much in English and are working hard on French Lessons, they sing with little Musician and I only wish I had a Key Board for them to do it full as it is taught. The children mood have changed to joy and happiness and always hungry to learn more.I am convinced that the only way to improve an orphan's trauma is by introducing Fun which includes Music in all Lessons' where can you find it? We find it in the special "LITTLE READER" and "BRILLKIDS" is number one.

I recommend Little Reader to orphanages, it will improve these mother and fatherless children's style of living and learning, they will live stress free lives.. I appreciate Natalie and Lappy for their continuous cooperation to see that the children get the latest versions of the "LITTLE READER."

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May the Almighty God grant you his love with lots of Blessings.

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